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A case study is a great way to get to know how a sales agency really delivers. Is it all talk, or will strategic sales and smart support from the right agency truly transform your brand, sales and profits? Read on to find out how our services have got our SME client on target for £1.2m of growth in less than 2 years.

In the year 14-15, our client’s turnover was £2.5m. They began working with OSBOS 2 months into the year 15-16. The target for the year was £2.8m and they ended their financial year on £3.2m, a 12 month increase of £700K. The target for 17-18 is £4m and with current sales projections, they are strongly on track to achieve this growth figure. If achieved, this would constitute an increase in turnover of £1.2m during the period working in partnership with OSBOS.

Grant Funding: We secured £300K of grant funding to power growth. The grant was invested in lean initiatives resulting in 96% production efficiency. Funds were also injected into a CRM to maximise selling opportunities and an aggressive new business programme.

Sales Strategy: We delivered turnover growth from £2.5m to £3.2m in one financial year through dynamic sales strategy with brand and commercial goals. This covered data segmentation and profiling, market research, NPIs, targeted outbound and key account management.

Exhibition Support: We support our client with exhibitions and trade shows with telemarketing to generate ROI on their appearance and progress relationships with VIPs. We produce company profiles for key business prospects, acquire data for exhibitors and attendees, and contact them to arrange meetings. We also provide sales crib sheets and order forms to ensure information is captured as a lead ready to follow up.

CRM System: We established a CRM system to engage in CRM-driven sales and deliver unparalleled customer care activity. We continue to use the CRM to help our client maximise their share the market, strategically proposition products and service offerings to relevant client types – including downtrading, lapsed and growing accounts – and to strategically proposition the brand to relevant client sectors.

New Markets: As well as increasing presence in the client’s existing core markets of music, lighting and sound, audio visual, tool control and motorsport, OSBOS has helped secure preferred supplier partnerships and undertook sales campaigns focused on breaking into new markets with the client’s innovative solutions to protection, storage, transportation and presentation. Markets that our client has become established in since are events, point of sale, equestrian and aerospace.


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OSBOS is a dynamically different sales agency. We develop your SME business, launch new products, enter new markets and grow your exports. A unique, powerful set of specialities that create the perfect storm for stratospheric sales. We generate your moment. Your time to strike. It’s the smart way to make a mark, and our methodology – is quite simply – proven to work.

OSBOS develops and delivers strategy that generates profitable growth and real return on investment. We do this whilst strengthening your core brand with communications that are as creative as they are commercial. We provide clear analytics and reporting that directly correlate with an increase to your sales and pipeline, monthly, weekly and yearly. We help shape your brand proposition, develop key messaging that truly sets you aside from the competition and take action that converts.

And the best part about us is that you plug us in whenever you need. Scale us up or down based on what you need to achieve. When your tsunami hits we’re here to ride that wave with you. And when you’ve beaten your growth targets, we’ll stay to help keep you stable.

“OSBOS has the right people, with the right experience in the right roles – and we’re always happy to chat. We’re all about what we see as the next generation of new business generation. We’re great at what we do. Best practice comes from lots of practice, and our team has over 200 years of industry experience. Our guys are down to earth and genuinely enthusiastic about what we do here at OSBOS and take a great pride in using their skills help grow our client’s businesses.”

Cathie Osborne, Managing Director

Amber Holme
Head of Marketing
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