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Welcome to OSBOS’ business development and marketing. OSBOS helps to grow our clients’ brands, sales and profits with our targeted strategy, business development and multimedia marketing. We identify opportunities, build relationships and win business by rethinking the norm, finding new customers and selling more.

We specialise in developing B2B SMEs, launching new products, entering new markets and growing exports. Our team are pros at opening doors with leading brands, retailers and associations and together, team their business development, marketing and exporting expertise to guarantee maximum impact. Our fine-tuned methodology achieves measurable results and has been proven to generate profitable growth to our clients’ bottom lines and deliver exceptional return on investment.

OSBOS provides a plug-in outsourced service for businesses who want to grow – and it really works. We partner with you on a flexible basis to deliver a low-risk solution to taking the growth leap that’ll transform your business, helping you to overcome the many obstacles that are part of the deal when it comes to success.

This is just the start of what OSBOS can do and we’d love to hear about your business, its vision, unique challenges and of course, how we can help you to grow. Keep reading to find out more about OSBOS and our results, or check out our Create, Qualify and Close packages. If you like what you see, please start the conversation with us by calling +44 (0) 1606 822606 or emailing . Recommended agency by The Drum.

Winning Business With

Outsourced Services from OSBOS


A great option if you’re paying a high-value salary to your strongest salesperson who is too tied up in prospecting, or want to run flash campaigns for new products that don’t justify a risky new hire on payroll. Alleviate the pressures and risks in your business whilst getting results with plug-in, scalable skill.

Sales Team

Take away the headaches of making a growth leap. Our proven methodology, sniper research and top-level business development delivers plug-in sales talent to your requirements. Get results without the risks and costs of hiring, recruitment, training, skill shortages or time to market delays.

Outsourced Marketing Campaign

Immediate access to our specialist team of strategists, data analysts, designers, content writers and digital creators right when you need them. Reduce time to market or inflated employment spend to risk across your entire business whilst benefiting from high quality, professional communications.

Marketing Team

Constantly marketing ensures you’re in front of customers when they’re ready to buy and you’re the name in mind if they need more time. You’ll also occasionally need to ramp up output which your team may not have the skills or time to execute. We act as your remote, effective, plug-in marketing department.

Our Results

Osbos Ecommerce Sales Cheshire UK
£ 0
Of new e-commerce business generated in 3 months
Osbos Order Value Sales Gadbrook Park
+ 0 %
Average order value
Osbos Export Stockists Gadbrook Park UK
+ 0
EU & UK stockists secured for new product in first 3 months
Osbos Sales Ecommerce Revenue Gadbrook Park UK
+ 0 %
Quarterly increase in e-commerce revenue
Osbos Email Engagement Marketing Gadbrook Park
0 %
Above Average Email Engagement
Osbos Marketing Ecommerce Cheshire UK
+ 0 %
E-commerce conversions from social media
Osbos Sales Partnerships Manchester UK
From partnership business generation
Osbos SME Turnover Sales North West Manchester
+ 0 %
SME gross turnover over 12 months

Why put a limit on what your business can be and – critically – where it can be? Widen your horizons and take your next growth leap by diversifying your business and spreading risk with a steadfast, supported export programme that actually delivers.

OSBOS’ tailor-made export service challenges the halfhearted approach and is designed to generate tangible growth for your company, an increase in revenue and a fantastic return on investment. We don’t just provide guidance and strategy – our expert team also takes care of everything from initial market selection to e-commerce and distribution, giving you the freedom to focus on your UK operation and ensure profits are protected.

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