An Outsourced Salesperson for SMEs
An Outsourced Salesperson for SMEs

Our scalable outsourced sales and business development solutions find your B2B SME perfect-fit customers for profitable business, helping you to sell to new buyers and markets and make more revenue from your existing customers.

Outsourcing your sales requirements to OSBOS takes away the headaches SMEs and business owners experience when making a growth leap. We deliver consistent results without the risks of hiring internally – from recruitment costs to training, and employee skill shortages to time to market delays.

You may also be paying a high-value salary to your strongest salesperson who is too tied up in prospecting, or want to run flash campaigns for new products that don’t justify a risky new hire on payroll.

Our proven methodology, sniper research and top-level business development provides your business with plug-in sales talent to fit your requirements, giving you the necessary skills and resource to grow your brand, sales and profits.

Read below to see at which points in the funnel an outsourced salesperson from OSBOS can alleviate the pressures and risks in your business.

Osbos Data Cleansing Services Manchester

Data & Segmentation

Successful strategy starts with expertly-analysed data. Maximise opportunities with clean, segmented data and save money, boost conversion and protect brand.

Osbos Lead Generation Cheshire

Lead Generation

Finding your perfect-fit customers for profitable new business. The fastest way to fill your funnel with qualified opportunities and create a powerful climate for growth.

Osbos Outbound Business Development Services Gadbrook Park

Business Development

Converting sales opportunities into top and bottom line growth through strategically infiltrating target prospects and making compelling cases to buy.

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