The Qualify: Plug-In Package for Growth
The Qualify: Plug-In Package for Growth

The Qualify  Plug In Package allows your in-house B2B sales team to concentrate their skills and resource into closing, whilst we keep your funnel full of profitable new business opportunities.

We know how frustrating it is to see your greatest sales assets wasted by working all stages of the pipeline. You’re forced to rely on these select few to use their time prospecting and generating leads, which is great for your opportunity value but damaging to closing results.

It’s best for business to have your high-value individuals to focus on high-value work – closing! OSBOS’ Qualify Plug In Package takes the distracting, time-consuming job of prospecting away from you.

This allows your best assets to focus on winning business whilst we pick up lead generation, qualification and managing the funnel.

Together with our data analysts, strategists, designers and digital creators, our lead generation experts and skilled prospectors deliver a low-risk and scalable outsourced qualification solution which gives your SME the plug-in, cost-effective resource it needs to grow.

The Qualify: Plug-In

Package is for you


  • Your sales team is ineffective at prospecting

  • Your sales team doesn’t have enough time to both fill the pipeline and close

  • You’re spending a closer’s salary on a prospecting job

  • You’re wasting cash on an inefficient and counter-productive prospecting process

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