The Close:Plug-In Package for Growth
The Close:Plug-In Package for Growth

The Close Plug In Package is made for busy, fast-growing SMEs in need of a scalable, low-risk and cost-effective solution to winning business – right from brand awareness to sealing the deal.

Recruiting, training and retaining talented sales and marketing staff is a long and expensive process, and the risks you encounter when taking on a new team member may mean your efforts are all for nothing. That’s why OSBOS has created an alternative for B2B SMEs with our Close Plug In Package.

Our outsourced sales and marketing teams deliver creative, full-service and scalable solutions that service your entire funnel, from making your initial move in a new market to closing a high-value contract.

We allow your business to work on your business, not in it, helping you to put your time, resources and brain space where it matters most: client service, delivery, product and growth strategy. Meanwhile, OSBOS looks after your sales demand creation, qualification and closing.

The Close Plug In Package is your complete outsourced growth solution. It combines top-level business development talent, skilled sales prospectors and closers, director insights and specialised marketing demand teams to deliver the best possible growth results that always maximise on cost.

The Close: Plug-In

Package is for you


  • You aren’t getting enough quality new business opportunities

  • You’re wasting time on unqualified and low opportunity value leads

  • You’re spending too much money acquiring customers

  • You’re struggling to hire or develop a sales and marketing team with the necessary skills

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