Pipeline Management from OSBOS:

Allowing your business to achieve its potential. Thinking on our feet to spot opportunities with an instinctive accuracy.

OSBOS pipeline management is by its nature, multi-touch. We develop relationships over time, nurture your customers and prospects and keep them warm until ready. Looking after customers, progressing leads and even just keeping in touch takes considerable time. It is quite literally, a full time job. Maximise your business development investment with OSBOS’ pipeline management, perfect for:

Making a Growth Leap: OSBOS manages leads at every stage, whether first interest, quote or partnership meeting. We monitor the stages they’re at in the sales process and track through to close deal after deal, as long as you need our support. We also plan your projected revenue and work with the primary purpose of meeting your growth targets.

Managing Ongoing Sales: When your tsunami hits, we’re here to ride that wave with you. But when you’ve beaten your growth targets, we’ll also stay to help keep you stable. OSBOS’ pipeline management is also ideal for businesses who need ongoing sales support due to time constraints, skill limitation or strategic gaps. Or, perhaps your products have a long sales process, run off renewals and review cycles, or rely on budget or funding.

OSBOS takes a systematic approach to selling, whether we’re working on a customer, account or company, and deploy expert strategy and data analysis to make the very most of your prospect bank.


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