Mergers and Acquisitions from OSBOS:

We devise strategic moves that enhance performance and maximise growth. Perfectly synergised for the winning move.

Digging deeper and pushing further. The success of mergers and acquisitions lie in the detail. Intelligent decisions are made on the back of uncompromising precision, eclipsing the challenges of blending culture, joining workforces and marrying synergies.

To win the best possible deal for your business your new partner must be a perfect fit. Expert advice and rapid implementation from research and due diligence, right through to deal day is essential. OSBOS excels in scoping, creating and sealing M&A transactions – whether you’re a buyer or a target.

The task is daunting and the pace you have to work at, exhausting. OSBOS helps you by creating the perfect synergy to serve up huge benefits for both parties. Boosting you performance to add assets and value to your business.

We act fast, but we’re meticulous. We lay the facts bare, conduct research and vet the opportunities to ensure your first move isn’t your last. We make recommendations backed up by years of experience and can even make contact through our outbound business development service. But above all, we’re logical. We simply ask “what matters most” and work in a way that makes the best possible impact on your business.

 We keep control, manage stakeholder expectations and undertake fast paced but composed due diligence.

M&A transactions are a race against the clock, so we swiftly establish a focused plan and uncover mission-critical issues. This ensures flawlessly executed communications, maintained sales and the smooth running of your business in the lead up to deal day.


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