Ideal Client Profile Building from OSBOS:

Where we start when building your target universe. The first step of our “start at the finish” methodology.

You may have an understanding of what markets your business should work with. Those that present the most profitable opportunity; they’re growing, your product fills their gaps, you’ve researched your entry and exit points.

But have you asked yourself, who do you want to work with?

Osbos knows how important it is to research and target the appropriate markets. Too, how important is it that you align yourself with said markets. However, we also value what you want, not just what you need, and uncovering exactly what this is. We review how your business identifies key target clients by working through our Ideal Client Profile with you. This methodology is essential to helping you grow, and a key difference in how we approach developing your business.

Every company has ‘ideal’ clients – the type of client that you are best suited to work with. We talk to you to discover who your ideal client is; what they look like, how your values align, how we can best sell to them. The goal of the Ideal Client Profile  is to review, discover or update your current model of key target client identification. We ask “what keeps them up at night”, and go from there.

When you’re happy, we then size your market to identity opportunities to grow your share of wallet, build a “target universe” and research your competitors, including their current and forecasted activity.


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