Service Packaging from OSBOS:

We strategically, intelligently craft your product or service into exactly what your ideal customers want, and need.

When OSBOS refers to packaging, we aren’t talking about what you wrap your product up in. We’re talking about service packaging. This is something even more important, hard to put your finger on and ultimately, vital to get right.

We call this service packaging. It shapes your customers’ perception and understanding about who you are, what you do and why it’s worth their while to engage with your brand and, of course, buy from you. How we package you is instinctive, but not haphazard. We carefully craft your identity; encompassing concise, genuine tone of voice, commercial yet compelling messaging and capturing the exact concerns that keep your ideal customer up at night.

This tailored approach is unique in that it does not assume that your prospects even know what they want. If done properly, your value proposition should incite a lightbulb moment. The realisation that you’re exactly what your prospect needs, and make them wonder how they ever lived without your product.

OSBOS positions your service not as something of monetary value, but as the answer to a real life problem. Priceless, both for you and your customers.


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