Key Account Management from OSBOS:

Giving your key account customers what they want to drive value and maximise revenue for your business.

OSBOS knows that getting key account management right is a crucial challenge for businesses. Its investment is directly tied to the success your long term business strategy, so it’s no shock that lacklustre KAM performance causes alarm for SMEs – from directors to juniors.

We also understand that putting your all into your most important accounts also prevents you from growing. Your time, resources and brain space are all tied up in one area, when there’s prime opportunity right there for the taking.

You need strategic key account management that’s crisp and confident. A team with sharp execution skills that can penetrate, expand and protect your accounts from competition (but without losing the human touch), freeing you up for growth at the same time. What we do is all about discovery and maximising long term relationships and with that, revenue for you. We concentrate on collaborating with both current customers and pursuing new buying centres; aligning your business with your key accounts to drive value for a strong future.

OSBOS helps you overcome these challenges to deliver more value from your key accounts.

We help you to breathe. Step back, take off the blinkers and see what’s there waiting for you to grasp. So whilst we’re driving your key accounts, you can step out of your business and work on it instead.


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